An Introduction to Supply Teachers UK

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 3:07 pm

Over the years, an undeniably valuable contribution has been made by supply teachers UK to raising standards within schools in the United Kingdom and ensuring that they run smoothly. Then again, in comparison to teaching as a permanent staff member, supply teaching is potentially far more complex and intricate. Supply teachers in the United Kingdom need to establish a good working relationship with schools and avoid pitfalls, while they also need to protect their employment rights, as far as possible.

Who Are Supply Teachers?

Supply teachers are substitute or temporary teachers who cover for teachers who may be absent because of being ill, participation in management duties or service training.

Support for the following is provided by a supply teacher:

  • The curriculum
  • The school
  • The students

What Is The Aim Of Supply Teachers?

The basic aim of any supply teacher is to ensure that better quality education is provided to teachers. This way, supply teachers are able to feel more confident and valued, while parents and schools are able to have more confidence in the teaching being supplied to the students, without any lapses.

Information such as this is provided to supply teachers by all schools in the United Kingdom, either in the form of a document specifically produced for them or a supply-teaching handbook. The payment that a supply teacher may receive is based on the same factors that the pay of a permanent teacher is determined. Overall, supply teachers UK carry out the same duties and have the same responsibilities as permanent teachers; the only difference is that they cover for them.

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