Why consider supply teaching?

Posted on March 8, 2016 at 1:21 pm

Supply teachers play a crucial role within a school. They are there to cover teachers who are off ill, on training courses or absent for other reasons. They must be able to go in to a classroom and quickly take control of the class. They may never have been in to that school let alone class before, but must be able to carry out the tasks in hand to a high standard.

There are many benefits to being a supply teacher, below I have listed a few:

Wages – the daily rate you are on as a supply teacher is usually quite a bit higher than that of a permanent teacher

Flexibility – you can often chose when you do and do not want to work meaning if you need a day or a week off you can chose not to accept supply work for that period

Work load – you may not have to plan or mark work if only in a class for a day or morning / afternoon meaning that there is no or little work to do when you go home.


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