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Recruitment agency fees

Posted on February 19, 2016 at 8:51 pm

Recruitment agencies work in a number of ways. Some will offer a service where they will try and find you a permanent position based on your experience and skills. They will possibly interview you and then put your CV forward to a number of companies that are advertising jobs that you may be suited to. They usually assist you through the recruitment process and will give you feedback from the employer. Other agencies concentrate more on temporary workers. They often work with a number of organisations who only want staff for a limited time (maybe during a busy period). These positions are sometimes even only offered on a day by day basis and you may find that you are working at a number of different locations within one week.

Recruitment agencies usually pass their fees on to the employer for any permanent job they are filling. The costs are often a percentage of the job salary offered to the applicant. Temporary job agencies often take a percentage of the employee’s salary to cover their fees.




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