Supply Teachers

Supply teaching plays a fundamental role in the UK education system. Those who fulfil this role, choose to do this for a number of different reasons. For some, these reasons make the job of supply teaching considerably more appealing than a typical teaching position at a school.

The first reason why a supply teaching job may be ideal for you is if you have moved to a new location. Unlike a typical teaching position, a supply teaching job can be relatively easy to find, whether you look for it during the middle of a school year or not. So, if you have moved away from your current teaching opportunities, whether that is to London, Northamptonshire, or Leicestershire, supply teaching may be a great way for you to have work until new opportunities appear.

Secondly, as a supply teacher you have to deal with far less oversight. As a teacher you can quickly become frustrated with the hyper oversight from the hierarchy within the school, which is only increased by the regular incursions of the various government monitoring departments. A supply teacher has much less to contend with in this regard, and this can help to relieve a lot of stress from the teaching profession.

The third of the most important reason for an individual choosing to become a supply teacher is that you have a far greater ability to branch out, and search for new and exciting opportunities. Teachers have, for years now, supplemented their income with various other opportunities, besides teaching at schools – as a supply teacher this is also the case, only greater. Having the ability to dedicate more time to a more profitable opportunity, such as online education, or tutoring, is something which a supply teacher is more than able to do.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, having a variable schedule, finding work when you need it, and not having a responsibility to your job is of great benefit to a specific type of individual. If you have a family, particularly a young one, then having the ability to take time off to look after your family, or to go to work on an odd day when your children don’t require your guidance, can be a particularly useful trait of a supply teaching position.

The Flexibility offered by supply teaching is one of the main attractions of the job, and making the shift from a normal teaching position to a supply teaching job can be done relatively easily, and if your circumstances change in such a way as to make supply teaching your ideal solution, then that’s what you should do.