Getting ready for leave

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 9:24 pm

If you are about to have some time off work, you may need to plan ahead as to what is going to happen within your absence. If you do a job where you are in a role with many other people doing the same role, you may just be asked to divert your emails and calls to a college but if you have a specialist role then it may be that you need to train someone up.

When it comes to training, people often learn in different ways. For example, some people like to learn by doing a task practically where as other like to spend time reading through a process a number of times before getting hands on. Notes are vital in training and although the trainee may take notes, it is often worth creating your own step by step guide for them to refer to too.

Always allow enough time to train your replacement and make sure that you have got up to date with all our work so that you are not leaving them in the deep end straight away.



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