Are supply teachers up to the job?

Posted on August 21, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Recent Ofsted reports suggest that some supply teachers are not teaching adequately in the schools that they are placed in thus damaging children’s education. Ofsted have found that supply teachers within secondary schools are 4 times more likely to teach sub standard lessons than that of permanent members of staff. With many head teachers having to rely on supply teachers to cover classes over long periods of time, standards of behaviour in classrooms on the whole is deteriorating. Head teachers spend around six hundred million pounds a year hiring stand-in staff and Ofsted said some schools pay out £150,000 a year without even officially monitoring teachers’ performance. Only one third of schools said that they had a pool of supply teachers that they knew and could reply on, and often they had no option by to bring in supply teachers that they had never worked with and were not confident of their abilities.

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