10 things you should never forget to Add to your CV

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 4:25 pm

Many will argue that the best CVs are one page long, and there will come a point when this is just not possible, especially if you want to involve details from each and every job.

But for those creating one of their first CVs, we’re providing you with 10 things you must never forget to add to your CV.

1)      Any relevant experience undertaken whilst at school e.g. vocational activities.

2)      Publications you’ve contributed to, even if it was in the form of work experience.

3)      Driving licence and whether it is clean.

4)      Hobbies, they give a taste of your personality.

5)      All qualification from GCSE onwards.

6)      Presentation experience.

7)      All significant jobs while some can be summarised together if they are less significant.

8)       Social Media URLS, but only if they can enhance your opportunities

9)      Awards and achievements

10)   Finally a personal statement, which summarises your personality and outlines your aims for the future

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The Passion Required for P.E teaching jobs

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Physical Education (P.E) is one of the most important subjects at school, it’s not just a case of standing still setting out some cones and blowing a whistle. Many people fail to understand the qualification needed to become gain a P.E teaching job, and the passion required for the role.

P.E teachers must be able to deal with misbehaviours, preferably with a patient and creative approach. They should also be open to teaching many other subjects, and most experienced P.E teachers will occasionally find themselves teaching various subjects.

A general requirement for P.E teaching jobs in the UK is an NQT, or to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with a PGCE, GTP or Bachelor of education. It’s also important to work as part of a time, and often classes will join together, and being able to work alongside other PE teachers is beneficial. If you’re looking for P.E teaching jobs, then make sure your able to meet eachof these physical education requirements.

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