Considering a career change

Posted on November 30, 2017 at 11:58 pm

Changing a career is a big step to take, especially if you have spent many years in the same kinds of role, building up experience and gaining relevant qualifications. However, we only live life once and there is no point in wondering what could have been when you can give it a go and find out instead!

Rather than taking the plunge and leaving work before finding a new job, it is worth planning ahead and gaining some relevant experience beforehand, even if that means volunteering. It may make for a tough and hectic few months but it will give you more potential when the time comes to look for a new role. You could also look into gaining relevant qualifications through places such as your local college, independent course providers or online.

Speak to people you know, too, as it may turn out that they can offer support and advice that you would not have expected. A friend of a friend may already be working in a role you would be interested in, so it could provide an opportunity to make contact and get an idea of what the work entails first-hand.


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